Welcome to MadMuzik.net.

Madmuzik records: Who are we ?

We are an organisation that supports and nurtures the development of psychedelic music. We do this through supporting musicians in their journey though sound production and experimentation. We work closely with our friends and family to ensure to that we represent the importance of psychedelic music in our day to day lives by organizing music festivals and other gatherings. And lastly we support the musicians by helping them release their work out into the world by releasing compilations and VA and albums.

We believe, that the key to the future lies in three basic ideologies that need to be adopted by every living being in order to move to a peaceful and successful eco-system, they are : Tolerance, Compassion & Acceptance; therefore, our goal is to support all creative & talented emerging visual and audio artists that are within the psychedelic arena, and we  support all, without judgment or preference.

Come play with us ! :)