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Biography of Artist

Tronix from Mumbai, India currently residing in Kuwait was inspired towards Psychedelic Trance Music since 1999 and started to DJ since 2008.

Tronix focuses on both night and day time Psy Trance music transporting deep groovy, atmospheric, chaotic, hypnotic and Melodic sounds to the dance floor. Besides playing with numerous leading artists and Djs in the scene, the journey has been mad and intriguing, right from the party land Goa to hometown Mumbai, to the mountains of Nepal, India, Cambodia and Oman, Indoor/outdoor gatherings in Dubai, Bahrain, Thailand and Kuwait, Tronix has seen them all in commercial and Private Gigs.

His sense of Sound knows no bound; the intricate fabric of tunes that he can weave can transport any listener across all dimensions. He is no stranger to the global dance floor, he spins the right beats to take any dance floor to the journey of a life time. 


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